The Church and The Flood

Unfortunately we as the Second Baptist Church in Wroclaw were also heavily tried by the flooding. Our chapel and the Language School rooms are partially destroyed. As you can see on the pictures below, during the flooding the water in this places was about 1.3 meters deep.
chapel viewLukasinskiego Str.
It is hard to precisely assess the costs of necessary repairs. We suspect that the one of and the most expensive loss is the damage of the gas oven that was used to heat the chapel. Without it we are unable to use the chapel between October and April. We will also have to repair all the flooring. In fact the old floor had to be completely removed. All the carpets in the Language School and in Sunday School rooms will need to be replaced (the water was poisoned and it is impossible to clean the carpets). Both the chapel, Sunday School and the Language School rooms will need to be painted and we will have to put a new wallpaper in some rooms. The furniture that was left in the chapel is destroyed as well. The most expensive of it is the piano. It is impossible to repair it.
     inside the church
All of these repairs should be done during the summer. It is vital for our church to start our regular meetings again in our chapel. It is also crucial to prepare the Language School for the next school year that should start in September.
There are five families of the church members who lost their homes in the flood but now they are safe and found shelter in other hospitable homes. At the moment we are organizing help to them. Also the Youth for Christ with whom our church cooperates closely was severily tried and they need to rebuild their rooms.
Although our church is gradually growing in number we are unable to recover from the situation by our own efforts. About half of the people that attend the church are youth in the age of 16-23 years. The other half are young marriage couples. It is impossible for us to collect enough money to restore the chapel from our church members offerings. The situation is even more complicated by the fact that about 3 months ago we had a theft in the church - most of the sound amplifying system was stolen then - and we have not recovered from that loss yet.
Even though we ourselves suffered but nevertheless we want to be actively involved in bringing help to the needy. We decided that 10% of every donation that comes to our church as a flood relief funds will be used to help people outside the church to recover from the demages caused by the flood.
Please pray with us that the Lord will make a rebuilding of the church a reality. Pray that He will help us to grow in faith and love as we go through this experience of trusting Him and seeing Him provide. Please consider and pray about whether or not the Lord wants you to help us in this ministry.

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