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gif   It's nice you want to know more about me. You may probably know about my job and something about my church already, so here you can find some less serious subjects.

smile As any true man first of all I like the three things: wine, women and singing. This, of course, was supposed to be a joke, though....

O.K. It is like this: I do like wine, but I drink it rather rarely and in small amounts only because I think there are much too many of those who overdose alcohol and, besides, life is a big fun without it as well. I don't like beer and generally avoid any stronger drinks.
But I do like a good food (although I don't look like it). Since I live on my own, I cook by myself which even gives me much satisfaction. It's not strange: cooking is very similar to what a chemist does everyday...
What regards women, I'm still single. I'm a rather shy person and relations with women were always difficult for me. But they fascinate me by their difference. Our God knew well what He did when He created Eva as a halp for Adam. I'm sure He did it for man's good but at the same time it created us a lot of troubles... Am I wrong? And what about singing? Yeah, I like singing both with other people and alone (preferably when I' m hiking, when nowbody can see or hear me). I play guitar a bit, but mostly just for my own pleasure.

heart I should have started by saing that I LOVE GOD. Several years ago God has reached out for me and He made me respond with love to His love. I have believed His Holy Spirit and the Bible that I'm a sinner who deserves God's anger, condemnation and hell. I understood the meaning of the offering which the only Son of God, Jesus Christ, oferred with His life to save me from the consequences of my evil life. I have believed that I'm not ably by my own effords to earn God's love, salvation and eternal life in heaven. He gave it all to me freely, just by His grace because Jasus paid for me with His own death. Jesus has became my Lord whom I want to obey and serve with all my strength. Life with His is really great which doesn't mean there are no problems.
Because it is difficult sometimes to be a christian, Jesus has called the Church. The one that I belong to is Second Baptist Church in Wroclaw . I also cooperate with ChSA (Christian Students Association), which is a part of the international movement called IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

tree I have already mentioned hiking. I know it is not very oryginal but I can't do nothing about this: I like mountains! There I can rest even when I have to carry a heavy rucksack, a tent and all the equipment. I hate crowd (generally - not only in mountains), so I prefere to hike where there are not so many people. There are still some places where you can go all day long and do not meet another man. I like where there is quiet and green. It is specially precious for me because I live in a big city. Maybe some day (when I'm retired?) I will leave the city and settle in a wooden house somewhere in the mountains...

books    Another not very oryginal hobby that I have is reading books. I like various kinds of them (from fairytales to scientific and philosophic books) but recently I can hardly find any time to read. Important place among my favourite books takes the Bible and christian literature (e.g. by C.S. Levis).
Reading has this good side it is a very personal experience - just me, my book and my imagination. No film can equal with it. That is one of the reasons why I do not watch TV. And I'm happy about it.

book Because of my love for a written words and my belief in its power, I am an editor of my church newsletter called "Parakletos" . Unfortunately it's in Polish only. :(
I try also to help in publishing another magazine - "Tymoteusz" . One of my texts published there can be found here .

muzyka Not too long ago I have discovered my interest in folk music and dances. Before that I have avoided any dances and usually just stood and watch other people dancing. But once we have invited to Wroclaw a friend who was Scottish (Jamie Grant, IFES staff member) and he taught us a few scottish dances ( here you can see me in my kilt). Everyone liked it so much that now we meet for such "Ceilidhs" nearly each month. We added some Polish folk dances also and plann to add flamenco and other folk dances. Maybe there is some Scottish blood in me? For a long time I dreamt about going to the northern part of Scotland. I was on the scientific conference in Edinburgh in 1996, but I didn't see much of the country than. But in the summer 1998 I went to Scotland with some of my friends and I totally fell in love with the country than!

I like cats. I had one but he choose freedom...

computer Of course, I like computers also. If not this page would never be created. Unfortunately my PC (AT 386) is a relic of the past. But, anyway, it still works as you can see. :)

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