News from the church (1.05.1998)

As you may remember, we (the Second Baptist Church of Wroclaw, Poland) were severely tried by the flood last July. Thanks God, through the efforts of our church members and through prayers and generous help from brothers and sisters from Poland and from many churches around the world we were able to collect enough funds to repair our church building. A lot of work was already invested and still much is to be done there to finish it. We were able to insulate and dry the walls, to replace destroyed flooring, windows, pipes and electricity cables, to rebuild the baptistery etc. At the moment we are making a new heating system in the chapel. We suppose that we will complete all the repairs till the end of June and than finally we should be able to start our church meetings in our chapel again (through all this time since the flood we have to meet at the First Baptist Church).
We had decided that every 10% of all the funds that we received for the church repairs would be used as a flood relief fund to help non-believers living in the flooded area around the church. God has really blessed this ministry! We have regular contacts with ca. 20 families who are in a tragic material situation after the flood. We try to give them very practical help starting from very basic things like food through furniture, building materials up to the household equipment. This is also a good chance to talk to them about God. Just before Easter we invited all of them for a meeting where except some nice food they could also get some information about Jesus Christ and the meaning of His death and resurrection. This was a wonderful time. God makes their hearts open to gospel! We plan to continue this ministry as long as we are able. We believe God will provide us resources that are necessary for this work just as He did it so far.
Just few days ago we have signed an agreement with the city government here in Wroclaw. They offered us a room in the church vicinity that we plan to use as a cheap self-operated laundry for people living near the church. Many of them lost their household equipment (e.g. washing machines) in the flood and we found that such a facility could be very helpful to them. Unfortunately the room that we got had also been flooded and it needs serious repairs...
There is another great news: we are also involved in a church planting work in a nearby small town called Olawa. We started the work there in 1993. It is a very difficult place for a church planting work because of the idolatry that the city is well known of. But anyway the group there has grown to about 15 adults. In August of 1997 a couple from our church - Marek and Beata Pachucki - moved there to work full time with this group as pastor\missionary (for a long time there was no leader in this group). We praise the Lord that after having met in a rented room for 5 years, officials in Olawa have given the group their own building. It is something completely amazing! God has answered our prayers in a way we didn't even expect. the house will be used for church services and Sunday school as well as a Bible club for children in the neighbourhood. An English language school is also planned. Living quarters for the pastor and his family will be in the upper part of the building.
We thank God for His provision and are confident that the work in Olawa will move ahead much more quickly now that they have their own building. Now we need to look to Him to provide funds to put the building into usable condition. We need about $ 25,000. to do all the remodelling that is needed (new roofing, flooring, heating as well as repairing of windows, doors, etc.).
As you can see there is much to do here... Would you be willing to help us?
Please pray for us and the ministry here in Wroclaw and Olawa.

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